Lost Ark Demonic (ShadowHunter) Build Guide

If you're looking for a Shadow Hunter demonic build guide, then you’ve landed on the right spot.

There is no denying that Lost Ark is a vast game which is a great thing of course. But, it also creates confusion among new players due to the huge number of choices. Like choosing one class out of 15 wasn’t enough that now we have to choose between tons of skills, moves, and engravings to create that perfect build?

But don’t worry, this is where exports at BuyLostArkGold.com come to the rescue with their comprehensive guide on Shadowhunter Demonic build for both PvE and PvP modes.

Be sure to read it till the end as we’ve included some info-bombs which will give you an edge over your enemies.

What is Shadowhunter?

Shadowhunters is Assassins advanced class which are quite identical to Death Blades. They transform into demons, which make them literally unstoppable and damage-dealing machines.

Playing with a Shadowhunter is a roller coaster ride; It’s risky, rewarding, and fun at the same time. We’ll tell you how and why, keep reading.

You can also read our Lost Ark Beginner Guide to get start if you're new to Lost Ark.

As this guide will progress, you’ll gain more confidence and clarity about your Shadowhunter gameplay, we promise you that. Now let’s start the guide with…

Shadowhunter Demonic PvE Builds

Now’s the time to look at the PvE build you can use to beat the system and rise up the ranks much faster. We need you to put your gaming hat on because we’re about to roll.

The style or agenda of using this build is to fill the gauge as fat as possible using the moves, which we’re going to show you soon. We will aim to fill up the gauge while dealing some good damage to the enemy and to be in the demonic form as long as possible throughout the battle.

Once we hit the demonic form, all we need to do is to smash the keyboard until the boss dies. That’s right! You don’t have to worry about combos and signatures after hitting the demonic form. Just start rolling your keyboard keys to get those burst damage and slaying your enemy.

With that being said, Let’s look at the skill build of shadowhunter for PvE game:

SkillsTripot Tier ITripod Tier IITripod Tier III
Demonic SlashExcellent MobilityNimble MovementChain Charge
Thrust ImpactSwift ThrustDeep ThrustEncroaching Power
Rising ClawQuick PreparationCritical BlowGrasp of Exploitation
Demonic CloneVital Point StrikeChain AttackEnhanced Release Encroachment
Demonic GripQuick PreparationEncroaching Power                  -
HowlQuick PreparationLaw of the JungleScream of Fury
DecimateQuick PreparationEncroachment Discharge                -
Demonic VisionQuick ReleaseEncroaching PowerOverflowing Power
This skillset will help you to transform into demonic form in one rotation so that you can finish the job real quick.

Stat Allocation

As for Stat Allocation, there are two different roads you can take, with some catches of course.

You should first aim to use the standard and Recommended 75% Specialisation and 25% Crit allocation. For example, 1600 Specialisation and 600 Crit.

However, if you’re a bit ahead in the game and already have good crit chances, then you can replace Crit with Swiftness or Agility.

Let me explain. Let’s say you already have Demonic Impulse III, Armour Skill Effect III, and Adrenaline III, which give you 30, 20, and 15 Per cent Crit Chance respectively, then you’ve already got a whopping 55% crit chance without investing a single point in crit.

In such a case you should replace crit with Swiftness, for that competitive advantage over your enemy. Sounds good?

So, you have two options for Stat allocation:

●75% Specialisation and 25% Crit, or
●75% Specialisation and 25% Swiftness

Shadowhunter Demonic PvP Builds

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of PvP shadowhunter build, I want to refresh your memory with a few points, you know, for clarity and understanding purposes:

●Shadowhunters are not frontline players. They don’t have as much as other classes do. Their lack of defence might get you in trouble in PvP matches. So, don’t get too cocky with shadowhunters.
●They are range players or poke class, you can say. They can cause pain to the enemy without getting closer. Best suited for 1v1 battles.

Enough Chit-Chat, let’s get going with the skill set in PvP games:

   Skills    Tripod Tier I     Tripod Tier II      Tripod Tier III
Demonic SlashExcellent MobilityNimble Movement             -
Rising ClawNaively HonestCritical BlowGrasp of Death
Thrust ImpactSwift Thrust Deep ThrustEncroaching Power
Demonic CloneVital Point StrikeFists of DestructionEncroachment Discharge
Demonic VisionConcentrated ReleaseEncroaching PowerInstant Discharge
Grind ChainEarth AttackImpaired MobilityChain Attack
Sharpened CutExcellent MobilityVertical Slash             -
Piercing Thorn Enhanced StrikeTriple ThornMassive Thorns
With those skills built we can already see you dominating the PvP battle, which brings us to the next and very important point…

Stat Allocation

Stat Allocation is a PvP build that is fairly simple, you can use the exact numbers too if you want. For PvP, the best stat allocation will be 75% Specialisation and 25% Domination.

For Example,1000 Specialisation and 250 Domination.

Only if you want, we’re not suggesting that you can decrease a point from Domination and use it in Crit for extra fun (1000 Specialisation, 249 Domination, and 1 Crit). Otherwise, the Above allocation will also work wonders.

We’re not letting you go with just raw figures and builds, no sir! In fact, we’ve done some digging and are very excited to show you…

Combos for better performances in PvP Battles

Using your build to your advantage is the major factor in PvP domination. That’s why we’ve included this section for you. The Two deadly combos listed below are enough to surprise and irritate your enemy. Along with the combos, we’re also going to show you a simple method, using which you can also create your own combos with any build.

But, first, as promised, Combos:

-Sharpen Cut > Demonic Clone > Thrust Impact

-Demonic Slash > Rising Claw > Thrust Impact

Important: This will save you from getting butchered by enemies while using combos.

After Demonic Clone or Rising Claw, you may need to Spacebar Dash to get close enough to Thrust Impact to Work, If you’re not close enough to the target. Otherwise, not only will your combo get broken, it will also leave a window open for your enemy to strike and finish you off.

This can also get the other way around, if you’ve noticed that your enemy does not have a Spacebar Dash, then you can cash in the opportunity and build an attack.

How can I make my own combos?

It's very simple. Follow this pattern; Long Range Attack > Long Range Attack > Close Range Attack.

If you look closely, the above combos also follow the same pattern. Now you know the trick, do let us know your combinations.

And that is it, We're officially done with our best Lost Ark Demonic Builds. We really hope that through this guide we made creating a perfect shadowhunter build easy for you. Otherwise, That was quite a tricky pile of information to digest, wasn’t it? You can get more Lost Ark guides and news here.