Lost Ark - Paladin Guide

In this article we’ll discuss the Paladin class in Lost Ark. We’ll also cover all the Paladin’s skills and the best Engravings to use for this class.

Quick run down

If you haven’t already heard about this game, Lost Ark is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG. It is being released on February 11th 2022 in the NA and EU regions. Even though it is F2P, you can purchase the Founders pack which will give you exclusive skins, items and a 3-day early access pass to start playing before anyone else. Lost Ark was originally released in South Korea in November 2018, in Russia in October 2019, and in Japan in June 2020. Lost Ark offers 15 unique playable character styles which are then divided into 5 groups. These characters are:


In this guide, we will be only focusing on the Paladin class. The Paladin is one of 2 support characters available in Lost Ark. The other class being the Bard. The Paladin is viable in both PVP and PVE, whether you are solo or playing in a team and is one of the easier classes to start the game with. Keep in mind that the Paladin is not a DPS character like a Paladin in games like Diablo 2: Resurrected. Even when focusing on DPS skills and weapons, the Paladin was designed as a tanky support class and wont dish out more DPS than a focused DPS class. Although you could, but only for a very short period of time. It seems a waste to focus this class solely on DPS for this short burst of DPS, whereas most of the abilities can be used to buff you and your team. With the Paladin’s Book (not a real book by the way), you're able to activate support skills to heal and buff the party. It’s also worth mentioning that the Bard has superior healing abilities – but is not as tanky as the Paladin. The great thing about the Paladin is their ability to reduce incoming damage by more than 50% due to their shields. Let’s take a look at some of the Paladin’s skills in Lost Ark.


SkillSkill Level unlockedCooldown (seconds)Ability
Spin Slash106Quickly spin twice while slashing, inflicting 105 and 105 Damage for each slash.
Flash Thrust108Swiftly stab with your sword 4 times in position to inflict 189.1 total Damage, then stab one final time to inflict 55 Damage.
Light Shock108Hold the sword in reverse and gather both hands to unleash a light shockwave that inflicts 153 Damage.
Light of Judgment1015Spread powerful rays of light that inflict 348.8 total Damage.
Charge1012Charge forward 6 meters and stab foes with your sword to inflict 266 Damage.
Sword of Justice1015Drop a sword made of light at the target location to inflict 336 Damage to your foe and thrust the sword into the ground.
Flash Slash1215Slowly move forward and slash your foe 7 times,inflicting 55, 60, 60, 60, 60, 60, and 69 Damage with each slash.
Godsent Law1420Summon a magick circle of light through holy scriptures. Texts made of infinite light swirl within the magic circle, inflicting 541.4 total Damage to foes for 2s.
Punishment16 15Slash your foe with your sword in a cross shape using one hand to inflict 58 and 58 Damage with each slash. Then grab the sword with both hands and slash as you swing to inflict 271 Damage.
Wrath of God1827Call forth the energy of sacred thunder into your weapon and inflict 542 Damage to nearby foes.
Holy Land2018Generate a holy area at the target location for 6s and inflict 237.9 total Damage over time.
Dash Slash2018Reposition yourself and sprint forward. When you finish sprinting, swing your sword to inflict 403 Damage to your foe and launch them into the air.
Executor’s Sword2418Hold the sword in both hands and rapidly swing upwards to inflict 175 Damage and launch foes into the air. Use the skill again to gather your strength into your sword, then swing around as you slash and inflict 263 Damage before thrusting your sword into the ground.
Holy Protection2830Use the power of divine light to create a barrier for 11.0% of Max HP for all party members within 24 meters for 6s.
Execution of Justice3224Hold the sword with one hand and quickly spin in position to inflict 429.0 Damage to your foe, then perform a crushing blow that inflicts 181 Damage.
Holy Explosion3630Gather divine strength for 2s before having it explode at the target location, inflicting 969 Damage.
Holy Sword4027Gather the Light Energy into your sword and thrust your weapon at your foe to inflict 62 Damage. Light will stream out of the sword and inflict an additional 556 Damage.
Heavenly Blessings5036Summon the Solar Guardian and inflict 520 Damage to nearby foes. The guardian blesses all party members within a 24-meter radius. Damage received -11% for 8s.

Awakening Skills

Skill NameLevel UnlockedCooldownAbility
Alithanes’s Judgment505 minutesJump up and unleash a holy light that shines toward your target location for an attack that even penetrates through guardian monsters. Inflict 111 Damage on surrounding foes upon landing and create a barrier for 80% of your Max HP for all party members for 10s.
Alithanes’s Light505 minutesImbue holy energy into your sword and unleash it forward. On hit, inflicts 111 Damage. The energy then explodes and inflicts an additional 111 Damage.


Tripod is a system that allows you to select and enhance the unique traits of a skill whenever a combat skill reaches a certain level. At each stage, you can choose from attributes for the skill, the type of attack, the effects, etc. In addition, one skill is divided into two or more branches, and even if the same class uses the same skill, the battle will be differentiated based on the tripod choices.

SkillTripod OneTripod TwoTripod Three
Punishment (Blue Skill)Magick ControlPiercing SwordN/A
Sword Of Justice (Yellow Skill)InsightSummon Holy SwordN/A
Charge (Blue Skill)Excellent MobilityShining ProtectionAmbush Attack
Dash SlashQuick PaceN/AN/A
Godsent LawShieldWide-angle AttackGrace
Execution Of JusticeRune PrisonStrength ReleaseLight Explosion
Heavenly BlessingsMind EnhancementPerseverancePerseverance
Holy ProtectionQuick PaceRobust ProtectionVow Of Light


The best Engravings for the Paladin in PVE/PVP are:
●Master Fencer: Level 3 – A must have if you are playing support or DPS. It increases all fencing skills by 25% damage and fills the faith bar 100% faster when using fencing skills.
●Healing Faith: Level 3 – A must have since they buffed it. It now buffs you and your allies defense by 20% and restores 2% of max health every 2 seconds.
●Awakening: Level 3 – Increases the number of times you can use awakening by +3.
●Sharp Blunt: Level 3 – Increases CRIT damage by 50% but also has a very low chance of lowering skill damage by 20%. This is so important because Paladins almost always ensure CRIT hits.
●Heavy Armor: Level 3 – Possibly the best engraving for the Paladin hands down. It increases defensive stats by a whopping 150%! And what is even better is that it can’t be lowered by effects such as armor-piercing or ignore resist. 10/10 would recommend this to everyone playing as Paladin.


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