Lost Ark Mount Guide

Lost Ark has released already, and gamers out there are just as excited as we are to get our hands on this new Diablo-style action MMORPG. Lost Ark has many wonders to explore and collectibles to collect, but nothing more enticing than the vast collection of mounts.

Today we will be telling you how to get your very own mount and give you a list of all the mounts currently in Lost Ark.

What is Lost Ark?

Smilegate RPG studios are responsible for releasing this Lost Ark in 2019 for the Korean populace. Amazon Games is taking over the distribution through Europe and North America for February 2022. Lost Ark is a traditional style of Action Rpg mixed with the dynamics of a regular MMO RPG. Essentially you will have “Diablo-style” gameplay with “New World” or WoW type of parties for dungeons and raiding. Sounds fun, right? Right. You can visit our Lost Ark Beginner Guide to get start of you're new to the game.

And today we will be showing you what we know about Mounts to get you started quickly and efficiently on your Lost Ark journey.

What are Mounts?

Mounts are equipable riding companions that increase your walking speed worldwide in Lost Ark. These mounts all have their rarities and are obtained through achievements, cash shop purchases, rare drops, and events.

Mount Rarities

Mount rarities are grading scores for different quality mounts. For example,

●Uncommon Mounts have - 420 Movement speed - Easily obtained.

●Rare Mounts have - 420 Movement speed - Slightly more challenging to get than uncommon.

●Epic Mounts have - 420 Movement speed - Difficult to obtain, mainly through rare drops.

●Legendary Mounts have - 450 Movement speed - Hardest to get, only through store or achievements (events.)

●Relic Mounts have 450 Movement Speed - Only one exists in the game for now.

The rarities of mounts also include the different appearances. The rarer the quality of the mount, the more detail and grandeur it will have. 

It’s not only appearance that gets affected by rarity but also mounts skills. The rarer the mount, the more skills it will have. However, these skills are primarily aesthetic, so don’t fret if you can’t get any legendary mounts, as no other players will have an advantage over you.

How to Get Your First Mount

Your first mount in Lost Ark comes through the main storyline quests. You need to carry on until about level 11 or 12. You will receive a quest “What the raiders want,” which will require you to kill a miniboss. After you’ve killed this miniboss, return for the reward. 

The reward for completing this quest is choosing between three different color horses. We have a list here, and it’s all personal choice since their move speed and skills are the same. Here are the options:

●Dyorika chestnut - Brown

●Loghill black - Black

●Yudia grey - White

How to Equip Your New Mount

Equipping mounts is the same as in any other MMO RPG; simply right-click the mount icon in your bag to obtain it. Once you’ve clicked the horse, open up your mount selection panel (default key bind is Shift + V), then click “mount,” and enjoy the new movement speed.

The Long List of Mounts in Lost Ark

We have compiled a list of all 126 mounts in Lost Ark for all you completionists. 

Mount NameRaritySkillType
Elemental Horse EldineRelicVictory StuntElemental
Aqua NaruniLegendarySmall talkNaruni
Auf Shuten - GLegendaryHello Friend, ShyMechanical
Auf Shuten - BLegendaryHello Friend, ShyMechanical
Auf Shuten - CLegendaryHello Friend, ShyMechanical
Auf Shuten - SLegendaryHello Friend, ShyMechanical
Auf Shuten - RLegendaryHello Friend, ShyMechanical
Auf Shuten - YLegendaryHello Friend, Shy Mechanical
Blossom Unicorn FloatLegendarySpin AroundUnicorn
Berry ChampkuriLegendaryRunLama
Bronze NaruniLegendarySmall TalkNaruni
Chaos Ghost HorseLegendarySummon GhostsHorse
Chief MingoLegendaryRefreshing DropletFlamingo
Cold Rollysnow LegendarySnowman’s PerformanceSnow Globe
Cold White CloudLegendaryDischargeCloud
Cool-Headed ChamkuriLegendaryI can Fly!Chamkuri
Corruption Ghost HorseLegendarySummon GhostsHorse
Dark NaruniLegendarySmall TalkNaruni
Dawn Pumpkin WagonLegendaryHalloween Candy PartyWagon
Dyorika WarhorseLegendaryThrilledHorse
Dawn Unicorn FloatLegendary Spin AroundUnicorn
Elemental Horse KelpionLegendaryVictory StuntElemental Horse
Erste LiebeLegendaryBoosterUnknown
Feisty ChamkuriLegendaryI can fly!Chamkuri
Festive RollysnowLegendarySnowman’s PerformanceSnowglobe
Flashing Black CloudLegendaryCool TrickCloud
Fluffy ChamkuriLegendaryRunChamkuri
Gold Combat WolfLegendaryHowlWolf
Golden NaruniLegendarySmall TalkNaruni
Golden Rhino BeetleLegendaryVictory PoseBeetle
Golden Sawtooth TurtleLegendaryLet’s take a short breakTurtle
Golden TerpeionLegendaryVictory PoseTerpeion
Graceful ChamkuriLegendaryI can fly!Chamkuri
Gracious ChamkuriLegendaryI can fly!Chamkuri
Hatred Ghost HorseLegendarySummon GhostsHorse
Intrepid ChamkuriLegendaryI can FlyChamkuri
Kiwi ChamkuriLegendaryRunChamkuri
Leaping ChamkuriLegendaryI can fly!Chamkuri
Lost Ark BubbleLegendarySpinBubble
Mango ChamkuriLegendaryI can fly!Chamkuri
Mirror Ball BubbleLegendarySpinBubble
Night Pumpkin WagonLegendaryHalloween Candy PartyWagon
Night Unicorn FloatLegendarySpin AroundUnicorn
Peach ChamkuriLegendaryRun!Chamkuri
Piñata - GreenLegendaryPaper DustingPiñata
Piñata - WhiteLegendaryPaper DustingPiñata
Piñata - YellowLegendaryPaper DustingPiñata
Piñata - PinkLegendaryPaper DustingPiñata
Piñata - OrangeLegendaryPaper DustingPiñata
Piñata - PurpleLegendaryPaper DustingPiñata
Radiant Golden CloudLegendaryCool TrickCloud
Rage Ghost HorseLegendarySummon GhostsHorse
Rainbow BubbleLegendarySpinBubble
Rose BubbleLegendarySpinBubble
Sea Unicorn FloatLegendarySpin AroundUnicorn
Silver Combat RaptorLegendaryRunRaptor
Silver NaruniLegendarySmall TalkNaruni
Sinful Ghost HorseLegendarySummon GhostsHorse
Snow Bike - BlueLegendaryBetween the SnowBike
Snow Bike - RedLegendaryBetween the SnowBike
Snow Bike - GreenLegendaryBetween the SnowBike
Snow BubbleLegendarySpinBubble
Snowflake RollysnowLegendarySnowmans PerformanceSnow Globe
Snowflake ReindeerLegendarySnowflakeReindeer
Soaring ChamkuriLegendaryI can fly!Chamkuri
Soda ChamkuriLegendaryI can fly!Chamkuri
Splendid RollysnowLegendarySnowman’s PerformanceSnow Globe
Steife Brise - GreenLegendaryDig groundBrise
Steife Brise - BlueLegendaryDig groundBrise
Steife Brise - RedLegendaryDig groundBrise
Steife Brise - YellowLegendaryDig groundBrise
Steife Brise - PurpleLegendaryDig groundBrise
Summer Unicorn FloatLegendarySpin AroundUnicorn
Sunset Pumpkin WagonLegendaryHalloween Candy PartyWagon
Sweet RollysnowLegendarySnowman’s PerformanceSnow Globe
TerpeionLegendaryVictory PoseTerpeion
Terpion of the ShadowLegendaryVictory PoseTerpeion
Thunder BubbleLegendarySpinBubble
Twilight Pumpkin WagonLegendaryHalloween Candy PartyWagon
Unique Red CloudLegendaryCool TrickCloud
Vernese ElkLegendaryDivine ConcentrationElk
Winter RollysnowLegendarySnowman’s PerformanceSnow Globe
YarrmingoLegendaryRefreshing DropletYarrmingo
Flying NimbusEpicFlightCloud
Gold Moss TurtleEpicLet’s take a short breakTurtle
Suite RoomEpicBoostRoom
Tamed Blue Moss TurtleEpicLet's take a short breakTurtle
Tamed Red WolfEpicHowlWolf
White ScarabEpicVictory PoseScarab (Beetle)
Wild Blue WolfEpicHowlWolf
Wind Mane MustangEpicJumpHorse
Zagoras White HorseEpicJumpHorse
Black Mane WolfRareHowlWolf
Red mane WolfRareHowlWolf
Red Moss TurtleRareLet’s take a short breakTurtle
Gray Stripe RaptorRareRunRaptor
Shadow WolfRareHowlWolf
Silver Mane MustangRareJumpHorse
Dawn ChamkuriRareI can fly!Chamkuri
Cotton Candy ChamkuriRareI can fly!Chamkuri
Fallen Leaves ChamkuriRareI can fly!Chamkuri
Cloud SteedRareJumpHorse
Wolf of VanityRareHowlWolf
Blue LadybugUncommonJumpLadybug
Blue Moss TurtleUncommonJumpTurtle
Dyorika Brown HorseUncommonJumpHorse
Loghill Black horseUncommonJumpHorse
Yudia White HorseUncommonJumpHorse
Green Moss TurtleUncommonJumpTurtle
Frost WolfUncommonHowlWolf
Red LadybugUncommonHowlLadybug
Yellow LadybugUncommonHowlLadybug

Those are all the mounts in Lost Ark! Good luck on your search for them all, we know you can do it! Our favorite mounts have to be the ghost horse variants; they have the most interactive skills and look fantastic!


We hope you enjoyed our guide and list of mounts in the Lost Ark. Check out our other guides and be sure to check out our store for great deals on gold exchanges for Lost Ark and so much more! As always, happy hunting!