Lost Ark Harmony Island Guide - All You Need To Get The Song Of Heavenly Harmony

Welcome back, everyone, to another Lost Ark guide; today, we will be looking over Harmony Island, what rewards it can give you, and how to do all challenges needed to get these rewards. Along with the rewards, we will also show you how to get to this island and a few tips and tricks on getting this event completed.

What is Harmony Island?

Harmony Island is an event that occurs at different times from server to server. You will be expected to gather events/quests to allow for a celebration. The quests on Harmony Island don’t require any fighting and are a co-op experience. Harmony Island is one of the most beautiful islands, and this event is a celebration of that.

Harmony Island - Location and How To Get There

As we previously mentioned, Harmony Island is an event so check your compass for timers on this island; alternatively, you can ask people on your server that may be more clued up for an exact timer. Before beginning, this event, make sure you max level with an adequate gear score. (Check our guide on the fastest way to hit level 50). A quick tip for all events in Lost Ark: events you want to be a party to, set a reminder on your compass that will alert you before the event begins.

As for where Harmony Island is, it is located between the east coast of Rohendel within the Elzowins Tears Sea (See picture below for exact location)

How To Get Started in Harmony Island

If you have followed the above steps and arrived on the island, you will want to speak to the gardener who will give you the quest “Heavenly Harmony.” Once accepted, you will need to proceed to three different locations on the map; let’s start with the first one below.

First Co-Op Activity

The first Co-Op activity is called “A Pure Sound” and requires players to transport 80 sacred water jugs to the sacred plant. Make sure to take part in this quest as contribution counts towards completing this quest. Just doing one jug is enough. Roughly 30-40 players rush in this adventure island event, so the speed is critical. Another note to quickly address is the conspiracy theory that if you do more activities like carrying more than one jug, you will get more luck/chances at getting special rewards - this is not true; just do one, and the chances will be the same.

Second Co-Op Activity

The Second Co-Op activity is “A Fragrant Sound.” In this activity, players must work together to gather 300 Fragrant Pollen(Check our Gathering guide to make sure you’re high enough level). As we previously mentioned, you must at least do one, but you should do 3 to make sure you get credit for this activity. Getting three is not as easy as there are 30-40 players all gathering pollen, and on top of this, they spawn randomly and sporadically, meaning it can get tricky. We recommend standing still in one spot and spamming your action button; this will guarantee 1-3 fragrances.

Third and Final Co-Op Activity

The last Co-Op activity, “Harmony? Help!” requires players to play the “Serenade of Love Song” 80 times within the allotted area.

How To Get The Serenade of Love Song

In the Third and Final Co-Op Activity, you are prompted to play the Serenade of Love Song, but what happens when you don’t have it? We will make sure you know how to get it so that you don’t find out and waste your time. Head to “Liebeheim” and speak to “Ladies Man Mark to begin this quest.” Once you’ve spoken to Mark, he will give you a quest titled “Relationship Guru.” Complete this short questline and get the song. Once you have received the song, you should be able to do the Third and Final Co-Op Activity, “Harmony? Help!”

Completing Co-Op Activities

Once you have completed all three Co-Op Activities, you will be allowed to hand in the first quest you took from the Gardner. Completing these activities will reward you with the following items:

●Chest of Clear Sound
●Chest of Aromatic Sound
●Chest of Harmonic Sound
These chests have a chance of dropping:
●Silver (guaranteed)
●Heavenly Harmony (45%)
●Island Token (60%)
●Harmony Island Soul (25%)

The Heavenly Harmony is the essential item; you will need to farm this Harmony Island event until you can get it, as it allows you to complete a quest on “Azure Wind Island.”
Mokoko Location on Harmony Island

Additionally to the chests and Co-Op Activities, you can find Mokoko seeds. These seeds are incredibly sought-out, so make sure to get them. We will provide a map of the locations below:

1)North-West of the Island through the trees
2)Exact location as number one, just slightly right of it
3)The last Mokoko seed is to the North of Harmony Island
The Island is very small, and it’s straightforward to find these Mokoko seeds if you just follow the map.


Harmony Island is a peaceful and beautiful Island filled with great Co-Op Activities and even better rewards. We hope you enjoyed our guide, and if you did, check out some more in-depth build/trade/leveling guides here. If you don’t enjoy the grind and just want to enjoy the end game content check out our secure and number one rated store for great deals on lost ark items and currency. That’s it from us; we hope you enjoyed and, as always, happy gaming!