Lost Ark - Best Gunslinger Guide (Time To Hunt)

What Is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is the newest MMORPG featuring top-down gameplay (Action RPG) set in a fantasy world. Many players have been anticipating this game since its release in 2019 but were majorly disappointed by the regional locks. However, in 2022, the game was released to the Western market bringing in a whole new era of MMORPG. Since its release, players have been waiting to bite their teeth into the vast amount of content this game offers, including character builds; more specifically, best builds, and today we have our best Gunslinger build and guide for you.

What is the Gunslinger?

The Gunslinger is a specialization class in Lost Ark specializing in all types of combat, including long to short range. One of the game’s most extensive critiques is that genders are locked to certain classes, and as a result, the Gunslinger may only be a female. Nonetheless, she wields three powerful weapons that fulfill specific tasks like short-range, long-range, and mid-range combat. There is a drawback to dealing with all forms of distance combat, which is the difficulty of this class. It ranks as 4-star difficulty compared to most other classes due to the nature of swapping between guns for the most optimal damage in specific scenarios. If you swap to the wrong guns, it can cost you your life at late-game content, so we will show you the most optimal build to make sure you can practice before you make it to the late-game. Before we get into the builds, let's look at each weapon and what role they fulfill in the Gunslingers kit. These are the weapons:

 ●Dual Pistols

These guns make this class versatile in gameplay, allowing for close-range burst damage from the shotgun, the mid to short-range damage of the dual pistols, and the heavy long-range burst of the rife. Let’s get into each one with a bit more detail.

The Rifle

The rifle uses long-range to deal with large mobs from a distance or to clear out large groups of foes within straight lines. The rifle suffers from poor mobility and still animations that can leave, the already vulnerable Gunslinger, in a dangerous position. However, it makes up for its sheer damage output for what it lacks in mobility. Standing at a distance and pumping out large amounts of damage makes for easier boss clears and faster questing.

The Dual Pistols

The dual pistols are the answer to mobility issues that the rifle creates. These faster shooting pistols may pump out minor damage, but they are highly effective in creating staggers and evasion. The mobility and staggers also allow for finishing off bigger targets that get too close after you’ve used all your abilities with the rifle. These Dual Pistols are a fantastic addition to the Gunslinger's arsenal.

The Shotgun

If you’ve played any other game before, you will know that a shotgun is king at close range damage; the Gunslinger’s shotgun is no different. Any enemies that your Rifle could not finish or your pistols ran out of juice, your shotgun will surely pick up the slack. You will no longer use the shotgun for the build we will be getting into, but that doesn’t mean that any other build that uses it is bad. The shotgun is an excellent addition to the Gunslinger’s arsenal.

The Best Gunslinger Build

Time To Hunt Gunslinger Build

This build is made for people who don’t wish to use 16 abilities while increasing their crit by 30% on pistols and rifles at the cost of sacrificing the shotgun stance. Essentially it makes the class's difficulty go down and damage up. Let’s go over it in detail.

Leveling a Gunslinger

Since the Gunslinger “Time To Hunt” has so many abilities, it’s essential to follow this guide below to help you level so that you don’t level up the wrong abilities (namely the shotgun abilities).

As you can see, you will be focusing on the two different guns - The Rife and the Dual Pistols.

Here is the written form for each level so that you can follow it more easily:

 ●At level 12, level up Quick-Step and Sommersault Shot with 4 points to increase mobility.
 ● Once you reach level 21, you will take Equilibrium for 48 points to help with AoE clearing.
 ●After this, at level 30, you will put 48 points into Death Fire for more AoE damage.
 ●Once you reach level 38, you should have 48 points into Focused shots to help take down bigger targets and bosses.
 ●At level 45, level up Sharpshooter with 48 points to help with AoE burst (Single Line damage).
 ●Lastly, at level 48, put 20 points into Perfect shot for increased boss / large mob damage.

Level 50 Gunslinger Build

Once you have reached level 50, you should have gotten at least 252 skill points. Use your skill points in these abilities:

Let’s get into these abilities.

 ●Quick-Step Level 4 - Unlock life absorption - Gems: Faresa Gem - Rune: Rage
 ●Target Down Level 10 - Unlock Quick Aim, Large Magazine, Steady Aim - Gems: Farsea Gem and Azure Gem - Rune: Galewind
 ●Catastrophe Level 7 - Unlock Quick Aim and Concussion - Rune: Overwhelm
 ●Meteor Stream Level 1 - Gems: Farsea Gem and Azure Gem.
 ●AT02 Grenade Level 4 - Unlock Magick Control - Rune: Bleed
 ●Spiral Tracker Level 4 - Unlock Weakness Exposure - Rune: Conviction
 ●Bullet Rain level 10 - Unlock Ambush, Nimble Movement and Flameshot - Gems: Farsea Gem and Azure Gem
 ●Dexterous Shot level 7 - Unlock Weakness Exposure, and Excellent Mobility - Rune: Judgment
 ●Equilibrium Level 4 - Unlock Weakness Exposure
 ●Focused Shot Level 10 - Unlock Quick Aim, Double Tap, and Quick Finish - Gems: Farsea Gem and Azure Gem - Rune: Galewind
 ●Peacekeeper Level 4 - Unlock Excellent Mobility
 ●Perfect Shot level 10 - Unlock Stable Stance, Kill Confirmation, and Enhanced Shot - Gems: Farsea Gem and Azure Gem: Rune: Galewind.

Max Level Gunslinger Build (412 Skill Points)

Keep upgrading the abilities mentioned above along with the gems and runes.


You will want to unlock High-Caliber HE Bullet.

Engravings for Gunslinger

The engravings are by far the most essential part of this Gunslinger build, as we will be reducing the difficulty of the class while increasing damage at the cost of the shotgun. Use these engravings, but get “Time To Hunt” as early as possible for this build to work.

●Time To Hunt - Level 3
 ●Peace Maker - Level 3
 ●Keen Blunt Weapon - Level 3
 ●Adrenaline - Level 3
 ●Grudge - Level 3
 ●Cursed Doll - Level 3

Best Gunslinger Time To Hunt Cards

Below is the best Gunslinger Time To Hunt cards:

 ●King Thirain
 ●Delain Armen

They will provide you with the Lostwind Cliff set, which increases Crit rate and Dark Resistance.

Playstyle - Gunslinger - Time To Hunt

Focus on getting as much distance to blow your targets away with the rifle; any targets left unmanaged change to dual pistols for burst close range damage. If the target survives the encounter, use the dual pistols' mobility to gain ground and swap to your rifle to repeat the process.

A small tip is to pull mobs in a single line; that way, your rifle will be able to pierce through all the mobs and clear much faster.


We hope you enjoyed this Gunslinger guide! If you did, check out our other guides here, and if you need to level up extremely fast, check out our guide on leveling or our store for boosts! Speaking of our store, check out our fantastic Lost Ark gold deals tailored explicitly for any server you’re on! Happy shooting!