Lost Ark Deadeye Guide

Gunner class is a real treat to play with. Their tankiness, their damage, and their guns are enough to make you go crazy. Gunners are enough to put enemies six feet under the ground alone. But If you make some strategic changes with their gameplay, you can shoot stars with them.

Today we’re dealing with Deadeye, one of the rarest and most damage dealing Gunner you will ever come across. This Lost ark Deadeye guide will show you how you can choose the perfect build for your PvE, Chaos Dungeons, and PvP games. So make sure you stick with it and read every word closely. And you can read our Lost Ark Beginner Guide if you're new to this game.

Now we're escaping the velocity with our first section, which is…

What are Deadeyes?

Deadeyes are one of the four advanced classes from the Gunner class. Like Gunslingers, they are masters of guns. They carry two sets of weapons with them; A Pair of Handguns and a Shotgun. You can switch weapons whenever you want and swoosh your enemy down on the fly.

Deadeye used to have a sniper rifle in their armoury but the latest update removed it. So now they are basically a melee class. They deal with humongous damage when they are close to their target. Which is both a good and bad thing. Bad because it can backfire when not used properly. I explained it later in this guide.

If we talk about movements of Deadeyes, they are long and reactive. Means they can help you dodge even the biggest attack made by your opponent. But, they have 8 second cooldown to them, which is quite disappointing.

Deadeyes tend to lean a lot more towards the shotgun as their primary weapon, which means that they need to be a bit closer to their enemy to make the full impact and damage with their shots. Which is kinda risky, specially in PvP matches where you can get taken down pretty easily if your opponent senses it.

Compared with their close friends Gunslingers who are more of Sniper Rifle guys, it’s the deadeyes that deal explosive damage to their enemies.

Like any other advanced class in the Lost Ark, Deadeyes are also provided with two awakening skills; Clay Bombing and Bursting fire.

Clay Bombing, when activated explodes 3-4 meter of circled area around your character into ashes. Pretty affected when surrounded by a crowd of enemies.

Bursting fire, on other hand, has a beam-like focus. When activated, it shoots 3 massive shots that deal huge damage to the opponent. Extremely helpful in PvP battles.
Now that you have a pretty good knowledge of what we’re dealing into, let’s get started with the engravings…


Every class in the lost ark has two sets of engravings. One which is totally unique to them and another that has a combination of various commonly available engravings. It’s more than obvious that we’re going to talk about the Unique sets of engravings that work best with Deadeye. There they are:

Enhanced Weapon: Changing stances gains a 20 percent boost to crit rate for 9s at level one. Unusual, as you're unlikely to level this class further than the second level in Engravings. Engraving level 2 and 3's 25% and 30% increases aren't worth it when compared to other higher level Engravings on the market.

Grudge: Grudge increases all outgoing damage against Boss level or higher monsters by 20%, while also reducing incoming damage by 20%.. It's a great Engraving in general. It's a must-have in nearly every build.

Master of Ambush: The Master of Ambush Engraving (increases back attack damage by 25% at level 3) is a great fit for the Deadeye because of their heavy reliance on shotgun back attacks.

Stat allocation

As for the Stats, we’re only going to focus on two; Specialisation and Critical Points. Because of the class-specific engravings of Deadeye, it can backfire to give agility or any other stats a chance. The ratio is going to be a simple 70:30 i.e., 70% Spec and 30% Crit.

There’s isn’t much room for experimentation in stat allocation when we talk about Deadeye and Gunslinger. But if you use what I’ve mentioned above, you’re gonna do wonders with your Deadeye.

PvE Build

The goal of this PvE build is not only to maximise the damage dealing ability but also the overall control, mobility, and defences of Deadeye. Remember, every gunner class tends to have a shortage of mobility and defence. It’s only through strategic selection of build we can make it up for that. So, here the build you can rely upon any day:

SkillTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
AT02 GrenadeWeakness Exposure      -     -
CatastropheQuick AimConcussionEternal Calamity
Last RequestQuick PreparationExecutionVolley
Perfect ShotMuscle SpasmPrecision Shot   -
Shotgun DominatorClose ShotWeak Point DetectionThe Ruler
Shotgun Rapid FireClose ShotEnhanced ShotSpecial Bullet
Sign of ApocalypseClose ShotEnhanced ShotApproached Apocalypse
Somersault ShotIgnore CollisionBurn Effect      -
Spiral FlameFierce Flame     -      -
Spiral TrackerWeakness Exposure      -      -
Chaos Dungeon Build

The chaos Dungeon build lets Deadeye maximise it’s critical hit potential and makes most out of it’s enhanced weapon engravings. Which only means one thing, when the enemies are gonna face you, they’ll eat dirt. This is your build:

SkillsTripod 1Tripod 2 Tripod 3
Sign Of The ApocalypseStun EffectEnhanced Shot          -
Spiral FlameQuick Aim           -           -
Shotgun DominatorClose ShotEnhanced FireMaster Of CQC
AT02 GrenadeWide ExplosionFreeze Grenade           -
Shotgun Rapid FireClose ShotEnhanced ShotExtended Shot
Spiral TrackerWeakness Exposure          -           -
EquilibriumWeakness ExposureEnemy RaidVital Point Shot
Last RequestQuick PreparationMassive ExplosionVolley

PvP Build

Like the PvE build, this one also focuses on Damage, control, defence, and mobility. But the thing worth noticing here is that this build is both shotgun and Handgun compatible. Means, you can rock the stage with both Shotgun and handgun while maintaining a safe distance from the target. The previous version of the game where Deadeye used to have a sniper rifle was relatively easy because of the ranged attacks, but it is what it is.

The reason we did not modify the PvE build this way is because in PvE matches, you get surrounded by the enemies, and your chances of burning out are far greater than in PvP matches.

Anyways, Let’s get started with our PvE build:

SkillTripod 1Tripod 2Tripod 3
AT02 GrenadeWeakness ExposureN/AN/A
CatastropheQuick AimConcussionCarpet Bombing
Last RequestQuick PreparationMassive ExplosionVolley
Meteor StreamWeak Point DetectionN/AN/A
Perfect ShotMuscle SpasmPrecision ShotEnhanced Shot
Shotgun DominatorClose ShotWeak Point DetectionThe Ruler
Shotgun Rapid FireCombo Rapid FireEnhanced ShotSpecial Bullet
Sign of ApocalypseClose ShotEnhanced ShotApproached Apocalypse
Spiral TrackerWeakness ExposureN/AN/A
Quick ShotSwift FingersInitiate ShotVital Point Shot
Alright then my fellow lost ark geek! I think We’ve reached the end of this Lost Ark Deadeye guide now. This was quite fun to share those builds with you guys. I really hope that you get the most out of them and shock your opponent to death. We’ll meet again real soon! Take Care.