Lost Ark Cards Guide

When you cross the level 50 mark in the Lost Ark, a whole new world opens up. That new world brings a lot of new stuff and new challenges.

While we’ve covered Engravings, Power pass, and Chaos Dungeons in-depth, there’s still one thing we’ve never shed some limelight on. One thing that can permanently make your character a beast incarnate. One thing that you might have in your inventory right now but don’t know how to use it.

I’m talking about Cards. You guys, cards are legit one of the coolest things you collect over the period of your story and (also) in the endgame. It’s such a shame that we didn’t have a lot of information about them on the internet. That’s the reason this Lost Ark Cards guide came into existence. So that you won’t need to look into any other guide after reading it.

In this guide, I’ll be touching on all the tricks of the trades about Cards and How you can best use them to your advantage. So are you up for that?

Yes, you said? Well, then let’s first know…

What are cards?

Cards are one of the most ignored things in the lost ark. Probably because of a lack of information about them and their utility. Cards provide additional and passive buffs and stats to your character to give it an extra push in the endgame battles. They might sound like Engravings to you but there’s a slight difference. You see, you have to carry the engravings with your character in the form of jewellery all the time. But that isn’t the case with Cards, as they’ll just lie on your card catalogues & decks, and keep their work for you.

Now comes the part where I’ll tell you…

Why should you care about cards?

Each card set and books give you a special and permanent boost to either your stat or your abilities. That special boost comes in many forms like Increasing your damage to the plant bosses, Immunity to take damage, reducing cooldown speed, buffing up your awakening skill, etc. You don’t need me to tell you how even a 1% change in any of the areas could decide your fate in the endgame.

But to get those permanent effects, you first need to understand…

How to create card decks and sets?

Cards might seem overwhelming at the start because there are just so many of them. I’m going to simplify them as much as I can in this section because cards individually don’t do anything. So all we need to do is to prepare sets. Believe me, you don’t have to be a Dynamo to create a card deck with sets, just follow my lead.

In your cards catalogue, you will see three tabs; Equip, Books, and Enhance.

You need to be in Equip tab to prepare card decks. As you will in the Equip tab there are a total of 31 Different Card sets that you can make and each card set is going to give you a different set bonus. The bonus will increase depending on the number of sets you make in the deck.

Take a look at the picture to get a better understanding-

Two sets will activate the first bonus effect, 4 will activate the second, and 6 sets will activate the final. The effect of the bonus increases as you increase the number of card sets in the deck.

There are some things you need to understand about set making like you can not choose two same cards to make a set. The cards must be unique and from the same settings tab. Another thing is you don’t need to be picky about cards either while making the set. All the cards from the same set tab are gonna yield the same bonus effect. So pick randomly.

Let’s put some limelight on…


Quite similar to Cards sets, books offer bonus effects and improvements in your stats except they give you a permanent boost. Like, if you complete a set of books with cards, you’ll get a permanent increase in your stat, that too roster-wide.

Each set of cards requires 10 cards with similar characteristics. Upon completion of the set, you’ll get the bonus effects that are listed on the right side of the book's menu. See the picture for the reference-

How to get those cards?

Oh, I thought you’d never ask.

There are tons of ways to get cards in Lost Ark. In fact, almost all of the 238 cards have a unique way to get them. But a majority of them will get to you before you get to them, so that’s not the point of concern.

If you want to get information about a specific card and how to hunt it, then you can visit your codex, go to the cards tab, search for the card you want to hunt and check out the information.

Anyways. I’m gonna save you a lot of time because a majority of those cards can be grabbed from the following:

-Abyssal Dungeon:

Have you seen those high-level players who still run Abyssal Dungeons? Well, now you know why! Abyssal Dungeons have a high chance of dropping cards in rewards. Tier 1 Abyssals gives you Legendary cards and Tier 2 gives you both Legendary and Epic Cards.

Players even go as far as making multiple characters and making them so through each and every Abyssal dungeon to farm as many cards as they can transfer them back to the main character.

If you want to know how to rock your Abyssal Dungeon, then this Lost Ark Abyssal Dungeon Guide might be a good start.

-Achievements section:

There are numerous achievements that reward cards as their completion bonus, so you might as well check them to grab those cards. For example, the Kraus has an activity named “So Scandalous” that gives legendary cards as a bonus.

-Adventure Islands:

Each adventure Island per day is going to give you a different set of rewards that includes a random pack of cards and some card XP as well. To save some more time, you should focus more on the Phantomwing Island as it has the highest chance of giving you the cards. But don’t discount other islands, try them as well.

How to level them up?

This is where you will need to go to the third tab on your card catalogue called “Enhance”. In the Enhance tab, you can level up any card to unlock the awakening level.

Just click on any card you want to enhance. You’ll see the gems beneath your card on the right sidebar which means you’re at zero awakening level.

To gem-up the card and awaken it, you’ll need card Xp (See the picture). You can get the Card Xp by using the items from your inventory that yield your XP Points like Eternity Essence, Creation Fragments, etc.

Once you give the required XP points, you unlock the awakening ability of the card. But your card isn’t awakened yet. To awaken it, you’ll need another identical card and 1500 Silver coins.

Once you use the identical card and pay the awakening cost, you’ll see gem filled in the spots beneath your card. Just like this-

Basic Card Sets

Let us just go through some early basic cards sets that you can make almost right away and can benefit from them without any labour. So the first on our list is-

-Master of Necromency (2 Set Minimum): This set will reduce the damage from the boss monster by 5%.

-We’ll meet again (3 Sets minimum): This set will reduce the damage from the foes who are 50% or less in their HP by 12%. On 3 sets and 9 Awakenings, it will reduce the damage by 16%.

-Nature’s elementals (minimum 2 sets): This will reduce the damage from Foes which are 50% or lower in their HP by 8%.

-Field Boss II (Minimum 2 Sets): It increases the max HP by 4%. But it is one of the most complicated sets to make. Because the required cards are not easy to get.

You know what? Let’s just discuss how you can get the field boss cards. A 4% increase in HP is enough to save you a retry, right?

How to get field boss cards?

Each card in the field boss set tab can be grabbed by defeating the field or world bosses. Now for that, you might need to get the exact location of these bosses and I’m going to give you a few that’d be necessary to get those cards:

-World boss Wili-Wili in East Luterra.
-World Boss Caspiel in Tortoyk
-World Bosses Chuo, Signatus, and Chaotic Chuo in Anikka
-World Boss Casrik in North Vern.

There’s a separate step by step guide called Lost Ark boss Rovlen guide, if you’re looking e Rovlen Bosses.

And with that, we reach the end of this Lost Ark Cards Guide. As I promised, I’ve penned down each thing in detail so that you won’t feel the need to google anything about Cards. If you’re looking for other ways to get buffs and stat boosts, then check out the Lost Ark Engravings Guide. Now that You know how to use them, make sure you exploit them real good. See you really soon, Goodbye!