Lost Ark Beginner Guide: All You Need to Know

What is the Lost Ark?

During the recent Game Awards held in December 2021, the gaming company Smilegate announced that their long-awaited hack and slash game — Lost Ark — will officially release worldwide on February 11th, 2022, previously only being available for their Korean player base.

Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO Action RPG created with Unreal Engine 3. In the game, players will be able to explore new lands, seek out lost treasures, as well as test themselves in exhilarating combat.

Our team of gamers here at Buylostarkgold have extensively tested out Lost Ark in its closed beta that ran during early November 2021, and have come up with this Lost Ark Beginner Guide to give you all the tips and information on the game, so that you can have a huge head start when the game releases early next year.

Keep in mind that this will be a PvE-focused guide since the development of PvP hasn't progressed much from what we've seen in the closed beta testing.

Ready to be enlightened? Then just read on below!

Lost Ark General Tips

Below, we will talk about some general tips and information that you would need to know before you begin your journey in Lost Ark:
•You start with your character at level 10 with a few skills already unlocked.
•While your account level remains the same for every character you level, each character has a cap of level 50. You can level up various characters to increase your account level.
•Skills can be reset at any time for no cost, letting you try out multiple builds.
•There is a fast travel system implemented in Lost Ark called Tripods, which let you travel between locations on the same continent for a tiny amount of silver.
•Gears that have a blue arrow on them can be upgraded.
•Adventure items that have a yellow arrow can be redeemed.
•You are able to receive a free Lost Ark pet at the beginning of the game by completing a quest in the very first main hub town.
•Focus on the main quest, in order to proceed through the story, gain exp, and items at the same time.

Lost Ark Classes Guide

There are a total of 5 different base classes in Lost Ark for you to choose from, each class coming with its own unique weapons or items. Additionally, there are about 14 different sub-classes.

There are 3 tiers of customization available for the abilities every class and sub-class learns, which makes for intricate customization and builds.

We will talk about each class and its sub-classes below:


The Lost Ark Warrior class is an all-around powerhouse. They are not especially quick, but they compensate for it with huge amounts of strength, defences, and melee battling prowess. The Warrior possesses 3 different sub-classes

•Berserker: Wielding a large two-handed sword, the Berserker disregards defences and survivability for a pure hyper-offence playstyle.
Paladin: The Paladin focuses more on support and minimal healing along with a mix of offence, a balanced subclass.
•Gunlancer: Acting as a valuable tank for parties, the Gunlancer soaks up enemy attacks from the frontline and fires back strong hits.


Your reliable long-ranged fighter, the Lost Ark Gunner carries bows and arrows, or technologically-advanced shooting weapons. There are 4 Gunner subclasses:

Gunslinger: Extremely accurate, quick, and lethal shooters that can work at any range.
•Artillerist: The Artillerist works slow, but hits harder than any other class. Huge guns with massive damage output + long-range will go a long way for you; literally.
Deadeye: The extremely-skilled Deadeye can wield triple guns, which include a rifle, a double handgun, and a shotgun.
•Sharpshooters: Long-ranged fighters using mechanical bows with special effects that are very versatile in combat.

Martial Artist

Lost Ark Martial Artists are swift and agile melee fighters who pack a serious punch (and kick).

•Wardancer: Mixing elemental powers with lightning-fast fighting manoeuvres, able to handle a large variety of foes.
•Scraper: The Scraper wields a large gauntlet that uses 2 inverse forms of attack energy to dish out unstoppable destruction.
•Soulfist: The Soulfist will deal with both, melee as well as medium-ranged attacks, which can be chained together with special energy called Adamance for even more power, or sustainability.


The Lost Ark Mage can cast deadly magic on enemies, support allies with useful buffs, or heal them up. They have 2 subclasses:

•Bard: The Bard is usually focused on supporting allies with useful buffs while debuffing enemies, and dealing minimal amounts of damage when needed
•Summoner: The Summoner conjures up various elemental spirits to do the fighting for them.


Manifesting lethal dark powers to imbue into their combat techniques, the Lost Ark Assassin is a mysterious, sneaky, and deadly foe for anyone who crosses them. They possess 2 subclasses:

Shadowhunter: Shadowhunters shapeshift into threatening demonic creatures that are volatile and unpredictable, with added HP and mobility.
•Deathblade: Another super-cool triple-wielding class, the Deathblade fights with three swords, the light dual swords and the longsword, to deal large amounts of DPS in the blink of an eye.
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Lost Ark Leveling Tips

Levelling in Lost Ark is just like any other MMO, and below, we will give you the exact Lost Ark levelling tips you'll need to level up to the cap of level 50:

Level 1-35

•Focus on main story quests. These can be identified with an orange icon of a downward arrow.

•Finish any side quests that you come across, as they may give you useful items, rewards and coins in addition to valuable experience.
•The quests with purple markers are guide quests, and we recommend you complete them to unlock new features like pets and trade skills along with permanent stat increases, which will be very helpful when levelling.

Level 36-50

•Main story quests are now indicated with a blue globe symbol. Keep doing these and you'll reach about 55% into level 49, which is when you'll be done with the primary blue world quests.
•At this one, head to Northern Vern and complete the blue world quests there, which should easily get you to level 50.

My Opinion

Lost Ark is flashy, super outrageous, over-the-top, and I love it! It doesn't pretend to be dark and dreary and overtly serious like many other similar ARPG's, MMOs, and isometric styled games.

It gives you the feel of Diablo combined with the humour of Saints Row, and I think that is a very fun combination to put into the game.

With so many cool classes, build options, and no need to employ pay-to-win tactics, the game is sure to see huge popularity upon its Western release, and I cannot wait for the full game to be out!